This blog is all about my idols Kinki kids and Arashi. 125=Sho and 244=Tsuyoshi
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Koichi will be releasing the OST of Endless SHOCK. Why only OST??

btw what is MATCHY TRIBUTE?? ha...

Sho kun will be very active in Movies in 2006

Shokun again.. haha.. he will be very busy in movies next year. Already there are 2 confirmed movie...

Sho Kun's Stageplay

There will be a new stageplay by Sho Kun in next year spring time. How I wish I can visit Japan agai...

Hanayoridango OST

JStorm is releasing the hanayoridango OST on 7-Dec-05 which is today.


Kisarazu Cat's Eyes Movie

Kisarazu Cat's Eyes Movie version will be out next autumn again!

木更津系列明年完結篇 黑木瞳得到散文獎


Tsuyochan my new pet..

Feel really bored hence decided to update my blog. Actually I saw from other people’s blog that they...

Tokyo Tower will be showing in Cinema in Taiwan

Matsujun's movie Tokyo Tower will be showing in Taiwan Cinema.
I had watched the unsubtitled versio...

Happy 25th Birthday Ohno kun, Leader saikou!

26-Nov is Arashi's Leader Ohno Satoshi's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Ohno Kun!
Leader Saikou!!
Take good care of yourself...
Hope that you will act in at least one full length drama. Besides V no Arashi and some short dramas and guest appearance in Shokun's drama, really don't see you in any dramas. I really hope to see your performance in drama...
I think with the strong experience in stage play I believe that you will definitely make it big in drama..
Ya, you did have 2 movies.. haha... nearly forgot... how can I forgot?? Still packing my Arashi and Kinki's collection mins ago..your performance in Pikanchi Double is very outstanding!
Talking abt my Arashi collections. The Pikanchi photobook is really strange. Until now I still cannot figure out how to open the book. And I'm scared to damage the book and so don't dare to experiment it.. so I have the book but cannot see the inside.. *sob sob* This book is really hard to find. As I became an Arashi fan think only about 2 years ago only so I did not buy this book when it is first out and I look for it all over the place from Taiwan to Bangkok and then Japan. In Taiwan I manage to find Arashi's first photobook but not this one. Then in Bangkok I found it in Kinokuniya but it is in bad conditions. So I did not buy and fortunately I found it in Osaka...So I sort of collected the full set of Arashi's photobooks. However, it is a pity that I did not manage to collect all Kinki's photobook... sob sob...Think they are too famous and all books sold out everywhere...even though I'm a Kinki fan for a long time but I only managed to start buying Kinki's stuff abt 2-3 years back when I started to work and I dislike 2nd hand stuff. I will rather not buy if it is 2nd hand..I'm getting further and further from the Ohno kun's birthday topic...

OK back to the Ohno kun's topic...

Ohno kun is the only member in Arashi that is the same age as me.. And I think the only person I like in Johnny's that is the same age as me too.. We are both monkeys then.. haha.. ok.. I know I'm getting "wuliao"...

Utaban 17-Nov-05

My Japanese Exam ended yesterday. feel so relax and free.. fufufu..

Free to do whatever I want until I think next week cos Jap Exam ended but JLPT coming.. *sob sob*

Ok today the purpose of updating this blog is to talk abt Arashi!!
Arashi is so cute in Utaban.. I cannot possibly miss doing a write up abt it...
Ok.. now begin for the fun and laughter...

Part 1 - Ohno vs Nakai San

It had been 1 year and 9 months since Arashi came to Utaban. And Nakai complaint that they had not attended his program becos their schedules is too busy. Minna said that they will attend if Nakai as their senior open his mouth; no matter how busy they are they will still attend. And Nakai asked Ohno if he will attend and he said probably not! Nakai wanted to get angry but eventually remained calm..and said that... here is something which I don't really understand. Ok he said something like he dislikes argument with pple as it is like the behavior of kids. And Ohno kun commented that he is already 33 years. So he ran to beat up Ohno. But of cos was stopped by other Arashi members.

Then they talk abt Hanayoridango and show some parts of Hanayoridango.
Skip a bit here...

Then Nakai asked abt if they watched Hanayoridango and they said that they did.
Nino said that he loves to watch other member's drama as he think is very interesting.
Nakai said that he dislikes watching member's drama as he find it strange. Especially for love scene. The other host Takasan asked if Nakai had any kiss scenes before and he said no as he will always had NG. Minna are so amazed...Nakai asked if Matsujun had any kiss scene and he replied yes. Nakai asked if Arashi had seen the kiss scene and they said that everyone had seen it. He asked what is the feeling when they see their kiss scene and Nino said that the person who should be embarrassed should be Matsujun and not the others who watched it. But Matsujun said that he is ok with kiss scene.

Suddenly Nakai asked if Ohno is listening to them and Ohno act as if he is not listening and he said that he is not listening. Nakai ran very fast to Ohno and moved the tables away to catch Ohno. This time rest of Arashi are too late to stop him and he got hold of Ohno. they're sort of fighting and Nakai told Ohno to knock him down. And Ohno did.. However there's a mat on the floor and Nakai expected Ohno to knock him on the mat but he was thrown onto the floor instead of the mat.. haha...
Nakai said that when he is planning to let Ohno kun knock over, Ohno still replied "hai" obediently. And he started to discuss and tell Ohno abt the correct way of knocking him down on the mat!!

Part 2 - Arashi sang A.Ra.Shi

First they mentioned that Ohno's birthday is this month and he is 25 years old this year. (2 more days to his birthday from today!)
Nakai said that they had challenges for them. And Takasan said that Arashi is already debut for 6 years and they start off with "Arashi Arashi Oh Yeah". Matsujun said that it is not "Oh Yeah". Takasan said that he had been wrong for 6 years?? Nakai said that should be "Arashi Arashi Want Me" Nino laughed out and said that it not this interesting English word. Arashi was asked to sing A.Ra.Shi and dance along. Matsujun said that that is embarrassing but Takasan said that this is to make sure that they won't make the same mistake for the next 6 or 7 years.

Ok the dance began with small physical movements. And Nakai stopped them and said that when they just debut they are like dancing very energetically and he demo a bit. it is so funny.. Takasan commented why they had forgotten abt the feeling when they had just debut after 6 years and Arashi apologies for that. And Takasan said something like let's switch to Kattun for example.. (errr.. don't really understand this part). However, it means taking Kattun as they challenge enemy... Nakai commented that this is really embarrassing to perform debut song. Matsujun asked if he wants to perform his debut song and he answered that he prefers to have kiss scene if that's the case.

Ok it is the dance again.. and this time they are over energetic.. haha .. dancing like small kids with BIG movements. And when they are about to sing the part "Arashi Arashi" they are stopped by Takasan. And he asked where is the "Arashi Arashi" part? and they only need to perform the "Arashi Arashi" part. And Shokun's reaction is so funny, too amazed and speechless.. haha..Matsujun said that he stopped them too fast. They are abt to sing the part already. Nino said that it is in the small verse which they are abt to sing.. And Nakai imitated the way they dance again.. so bakaly cute.. but this is actually the way Arashi was dancing just now... haha...

Ok here's the dance for the 3rd time!! And finally they know it should be "Arashi Arashi for dream". Takasan said that Nakai got it all wrong, what is that "Want Me" abt?!?

Part 3 - Ohno's Bakuten

Next Challenge is the famous bakuten, the most amazing ability by the Johnny's. Representing the Utaban team is 2 brothers, the younger 6 yrs old brother was there before when Shouji and Akira appeared in Utaban. And the younger bro's Bakuten is actually very impressive.. I think no one in Johnny's can fight that cos i think the younger the better.. too old cannot flip anymore... then came the elder 9 yrs old brother and when he is doing the bakuten he hurt his head. And minna rushed to find out if he is ok. Takasan asked Arashi to sing A.Ra.Shi while he is finding out how is the elder brother's conditions. And Arashi sang the song for the 4th time. It is so funny.. And after that when the elder bro is abt to perform bakuten again. Matsujun did a very yasashii action by using his feet to make sure the mats are in the correct position. So caring of him..

Next it is Arashi's turn to do bakuten, and representing Arashi is Ohno kun. Takasan said that if he cannot do it then they will get Kattun instead of Arashi. And Arashi is like no no no .. we can do it!! Ohno chose not to have the mat and his bakuten is nicely completed. But of cos not so many flips compared to the younger brother. But personally think that it is definitely kakkoii... @>@ wow!!!!
And Ohno starts seeing stars after the bakuten. I believe that he is acting. He even did not tidy himself after that and Nino rush to pull his jacket down and Sho kun helped him to sit down. Takasan ask how is he and he said that he is seeing stars and Nakai commented that his face look like don't know what senbei (rick cracker) which I don't know what that means..

Later the younger brother performed splitting legs .. of cos Ohno cannot do it.. But I think is good enough already.. and in the end he tried to follow what the kid is doing by using his hands to support his whole body and use his legs to clap but fail and end up knocking his head on the floor! really funny to see his facial expression and other Arashi members reaction..

Next the elder brother performed again.. this one i don't know to descript the steps but is basically jumping thru a hoop and doing some somersaults. Nakai asked the 2 brothers if they think Ohno can do it or not and they actually replied that he can't.. how can you 2 look down on Ohno?? Ohno went in front of the hoop to adjust the height and he actually place the hoop quite high but Takasan told the person holding the hoop to lower the hoop as Ohno is already 25yrs old. Actually Ohno trip a bit cos the hoop is too small. Actually he will be perfect if not being the hoop too small..

On the whole i think that Ohno did not loss face of the Johnny's and did an excellent job.. Like Ohno more and more...Leader saikou!!!

Part 4 - Yoga

Actually the most interesting part in this part is the part where the teacher taught them how to breath and the 7 guys gathered in front of her and staring at her tummy..and all looking very "H" especially Nakai and the part where Takasan poke Nakai's backside with a chopstick.

On the whole this Ep of Utaban is very very funny. I nearly fall off the chair...
Utaban and Hey x 3 are always funny but think that this one is the most funny Ep for all the Utaban that I had seen so far.
The most funny one for Heyx3 is Arashi's pikanchi double promotion part where they talk abt how they joined Johnny's and the ep where Kinki played bowling with downtown

Shock will stop after next year??

Here's the news in Chinese:

「SHOCK」落幕!? 堂本光一後年挑戰舞台監督

「KinKi Kids」的堂本光一第七度公演舞台劇「SHOCK」!明年的2月6日到3月29日之間將於東京帝國劇場舉行76場「Endless SHOCK」公演,昨日(22日)舉行製作發表會。「SHOCK」在2000年首次公演造成轟動,造成一票難求的情形,之後每年都會舉行公演,在2006年的「Endless SHOCK」中也將迎向第400場公演。


2005/11/23 哈日館 MIDORI報導